It sounds like a crazy idea, hail a ride from a stranger with a car and not a taxi or shuttle?   I just love Lyft, their motto is "your friend with a car" and it's true.  It's quick and easy.  Just download the app - enter your pick up location - enter your drop off location - your friendly driver will do the rest! 

Lyft drivers try harder to make your ride enjoyable.  Most often times they're quicker, have newer cars, and many give free items such as gum, mints, water, and cell phone charger.  The best part is the price so much less than a taxi.

Tipping is not required, but greatly appreciated. Please remember to rate your drivers, but be advised a total rating below 4.6 may get them suspended - so unless they totally stink - be kind and give 5 stars for all the hard work!

Lyft Driver Requirements:
Must be 21 years of age or older
At least 1 year of driving history
Have an in-state driver's license
Have in-state registration
Have in-state auto insurance in your name
Have a smartphone (Android 7 or higher) or Apple I
phone (iOS 11 or higher)
Pass a background/DMV check with a clean driving history

Car must be 2006 or newer

In the past 7 years you must have:
No DUI or drug-related offenses
No driving without insurance or license
No fatal accidents or reckless driving history
No criminal history


Your friend with a car

Your friend with a car